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Heavy Duty Ozkor Plastic Pallets for Sale & Hire


Rental Pallets
Australian Standard
2 Way Entry Pallet
Size: 1165 x 1165 x 150mm


Australian Standard
2 Way Entry Pallet
Size: 1165 x 1165 x 150mm


Australian Standard
2 way entry-Ventilated top deck
Size: 1165x1165x150 mm


Australian Standard
4 way entry-solid top deck
Size: 1165x1165x150 mm


Grilled top deck- 2 Way Entry Size:1140x1140x120mm


Grilled top deck:4 way entry


Nesting – 4 way entry


4way entry Drum Export Pallet
Size:1160x1140x130 mm (150mm to top of Safety Rims)


4 Way Entry Pallet
Size: 1,165 x 775 x 150mm


Display Pallet


Grilled top deck 2 way entry
Size: 775X590x160mm


International Standard
Size:1200 x 1000 x 150mm


Multi-functional Pallet
Size: 1165 x 1165 x 183 mm
( +/- 5mm )


Heavy Duty 2 way entry
Size: 1165x1165x190 mm


Medium Duty Australian Standard
4 way entry
Size: 1160x 1160 x160 mm


Bunded Pallet

Ozkor Plastic pallet specifications

Plastic Pallet Suppliers for Australian Industry

Plastic pallets are designed to replace timber for many operational reasons in the food and pharmaceutical industry, especially where hygiene and durability are top priorities. Other industries include mining and chemical production facilities as they have special and specific reasons for buying a non-timber pallet alternative.

Many countries prefer plastic pallets supplied from Sydney for export purposes in order to protect agricultural industries from pest infestation when importing goods, as timber can harbour many unpleasant life forms and pathogens.

Ozkor are leading manufacturers and suppliers of plastic pallets that are designed to meet a wide range of industry needs. We have a diverse selection of customers throughout Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and beyond.

Ozkor’s Australian Product Range

Ozkor’s Australian product range for sale and hire includes heavy duty models, such as the 2 way entry, Ozpal-1165 which has a ventilated top deck and slip-resistant rubber grommets. The solid top deck and 4 way entry App-1165 hygiene pallet is an alternative, durable, warehouse production standard pallet. Both have given long service to the pharmaceutical and food companies over the years. Additionally, these plastic pallets from Brisbane are used in mining for core sample storage and because they have high chemical resistance, being non-porous and easy to clean. Certain sections of the chemical industry use them to avoid risks associated with using timber.

At the other end of the scale, Ozkor has a range of light duty export pallets for sale that comply with ISPM-15 regulations for exporting internationally. The Expal-1140 and the Expal1100 are the most popular options for both “wet” and “dry” shipping containers.

In a standard ISO shipping container, a 40 mm gap is left between two rows of the Expal -1140 to maximise the storage space and give enough room for sideways movement. This pallet can also be racked as its incorporated beam location recesses on two sides can easily hold a static load of up to 3,000 kgs. in the container. The Expal-1100 is ideally suited for refrigerated containers that have less inside floor space than a dry container.

The Expod-1210 is based on the international footprint of 1200×1000 mm and has the additional advantage of being able to nest inside of each other when not in use in order to save space.

About Ozkor

Based in Blacktown, part of greater western Sydney, Ozkor is a quality manufacturer and supplier of plastic storage and warehouse equipment. From Sydney, we can ship Australia-wide. Our other heavy duty products for sale and hire include; bulk bins, slip sheets, plastic storage bins and steel stillages. Our products are designed to last and provide a long service life, so as a customer you can have confidence in your investment in Ozkor plastic pallets.

Buy plastic pallets from Australia’s leading suppliers

When it comes to heavy duty plastic pallets, Ozkor is Australia’s leading supplier with the resources to develop and design new products to suit your own specifications. Buy or hire our plastic pallets and other equipment today. For design consultation, contact our team. Call us on 1800 001 433 or submit our online form.

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