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Plastic Slip Sheets for Pallets

Slip Sheets for Pallets Are a Lower Cost Alternative

With slip sheets replacing wooden pallets, manufacturers have witnessed a change in the way finished goods are cared for without having to worry about damage during storage or transportation. There is an omission of the added weight that the wooden pallets brought along while ensuring that the goods are in place. Ozkor intends to make work easier for you and that is the reason why we put our best into recommending them.

Benefits of our Plastic Slip Sheets

  • It is cost effective when compared to wooden pallets
  • It saves up on a lot of space while providing the same level of protection
  • It is easy to for the movers to move around with
  • 100% recycled high density polyethylene
  • Can survive all weather conditions
  • It lasts longer than the wooden pallets
  • MOQ 1 x pallet load of 1,000 sheets
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About Ozkor

Ozkor is a leading manufacturer of plastic storage and warehouse solutions in Australia. Based in NSW, we supply products to many large industries such as food, retail, shipping and logistics, manufacturing and even military. We’re certified to ISO 9001 for quality and design our products to stand the test of time, even under your toughest workloads. Browse our other plastic products, including:

We choose plastic for our products because of its durability, flexibility in design and hygienic properties. Through years of design and partnerships with Australia’s biggest industries, our manufacturers have developed standardised products that fit seamlessly into your existing storage and warehouse systems.

Order plastic slip sheets for pallets

Make your pallets last longer with plastic slip sheets. To order our high-quality sheets, or for general enquiries – contact our team. Call 1800 001 433 or submit our online form.


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