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About Ozkor

OZKOR Pty Ltd is an ISO 9001 certified, leading Australian company in its field, originally formed to specialise in the supply of plastics materials handling equipment such as plastic pallets designed to suit specific industrial needs.
Since OZKOR’s inception it has evolved into a specialised centre for the provision of a wide range of materials handling products ranging from pallets to collapsible bulk bins; steel roll cages and stillages.
Ozkor’s design and development resource will provide a focus on the creation of new products to suit our customer’s specific applications. From the initial consultation we will carefully project manage the step by step development process, in close cooperation with you , aimed toward a satisfactory outcome within a budget and the high quality standards expected.
By closely working with Australia’s largest food retailers, Ozkor has developed Australian standard size pallets which work perfectly in automated warehouse systems as well as reusable retail display pallets for better presentations and greater distribution efficiencies.
Since the beginning, Ozkor has helped many companies achieve considerable cost savings by designing, manufacturing and, in some cases, financing lease/purchase options.

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Consider how you can benefit by using plastic pallets and Bulk Bins

A better alternative to timber
The introduction of plastic pallets and bulk bins was inspired by industry wishing to raise the standards of hygiene in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as operational efficiencies in manufacturing and distribution in a wide range of other industries such as Automotive and Chemical.
Additionally, International Industrial trends towards the adoption of reusable distribution systems have necessitated investment in better ways to distribute valuable products and sub-assemblies throughout Australia and around the world.
Timber can absorb and retain harmful bacteria and pathogens due to the porous nature of the material. These characteristics highlighted health hazards for consumers as well as concerns about cross contamination and the inability of timber to be adequately cleaned.
Today, plastic pallets and bins have a wider appeal for an increased number of applications. By considering the total operating costs (TOC’s) associated with activities such as waste disposal, double handling and transport costs related to weight, plastic pallets can become a more attractive option to timber for many companies.
Consider how you can benefit by using plastic pallets and Bulk Bins
  • Economic Viability : When considering a total supply chain cost model, over a 5 to 10 year period, plastic pallets and Bins are a much better long term investment.
  • Waste management – Costs are reduced.
  • Reusability : A well designed plastic pallet can be Reused–Resold–Recycled.
  • Automated Warehousing Systems : Plastic pallets and bins are more dimensionally reliable with consistent weights.
  • De-Forestation : No trees are being lost for the manufacture of cheap single use pallets that end up in landfill.
  • Exporting : No need to fumigate or heat treat to meet ISPM 15 export and quarantine standards.


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