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  • Australian Standards – 1165 x 1165 x 150mm
  • Flat deck – 4 way entry
  • Pallet jack compatible
  • Lighter weight
  • Non-porous material-hygienic and easier to clean
  • No nails or splinters


Product APP-1165
Type Flat Deck – 4 way entry
Size 1165x1165x150mm(+/-5mm )
Weight 33kg
Material High Density Polyethylene
Method of Manufacture Injection moulded
Colour Black
SWL 2,000 kg – Selective beam racking
1,000 kg Drive in racking (as directed on the pallet)
10,000 kg static load
Recyclability 100% recycle
Cleanability Easier to clean top and bottom surfaces
Application Food, phamaceutical and general industry
Entry Points 4 way forklift and 2 way pallet
Chemical Resistance Very high chemical resistance against acids and alkalis
3/44 Bessemer Street, Blacktown,
NSW 2148 Australia