Bulk Plastic Storage Bins

Reusable & Hygienic Bulk Plastic Storage Bins for Sale

Incorporating bulk plastic storage bins into your warehousing system affords you a high-quality product that lasts longer than traditional timber crates which may fall apart and damage delicate contents. They are easy to clean and don’t harbour harmful bacteria which can contaminate your products. Ozkor Plastic Pallets strives to help your company store and transport perishable goods safely while offering you a reusable product that saves you money in the long run.

Benefits of bulk plastic storage bins in Australia

Wood has traditionally been used to transport and store food and pharmaceutical products; however, there are many reasons why plastic is a better choice.

  • Timber bulk bins can harbour harmful bacteria and other pathogens, presenting an opportunity to contaminate the contents. The porous nature of the material creates a breeding ground that requires fumigation or heat treatment to maintain a sanitary environment. Plastic storage bins are easier to clean and won’t deteriorate over time.
  • Bulk plastic storage bins benefit the environment by reducing deforestation and are recyclable, reducing material in landfills. Plastic bins last longer and are more hygienic.
  • Plastic bins are better for your bottom line due to their reusable nature, making them an excellent long-term investment. They are more dimensionally reliable and offer consistent weights, making them perfect for automated warehouse systems.

Why choose Ozkor?

We are ISO 9001 certified Australian manufacturers focusing on plastic materials handling products to suit specific industrial requirements.

We offer design and development services to create products specific to your needs and applications. We help you develop a storage system that works best for your company within budget while providing a high quality product.

We have over two decades of experience from which to draw and offer you solutions that reduce costs and help your operation run more efficiently.

We work closely with food retailers to create plastic bins with and without ventilation according to their specific requirements. Our standardised pallets work very well in automated warehouse systems ensuring products are moved safely from one location to another.

Our complete range of plastic pallets and storage bins for sale include bulk bins, plastic pallets, slip sheets and steel stillages.

Why Ozkor Pty Ltd is Cost Effective

Timber requires extensive treatment before it can be used to create storage bins. It also deteriorates over time requiring replacement. Our storage bins are made from non-toxic materials that resist bacteria and can be reused for years, eliminating expensive replacement of timber products. Our design and development team will work with you to design storage materials specific to your industry, ensuring you have a product that performs to your specifications. We offer collapsible bins for practical storage when not in use.

Contact our professional staff to learn more about our storage bins and how they can help your operation run more efficiently while maintaining the quality of products in storage. Not only will you receive financial benefits, but you will be helping the environment by using a product that is 100% recyclable.

Bulk plastic storage bins for sale – place your order

Invest in your warehouse storage solutions with our durable plastic storage bins for sale. For sales and general enquiries, call 1800 001 433 or send us a message online.