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Buy Plastic Pallets to Improve Hygiene and Environmental Standards

If you’re tired of purchasing wooden pallets that erode quickly and survive for two or three journeys, you should buy plastic pallets that are more hygienic, easier to maintain and suitable for transporting products ranging from food to pharmaceuticals and everything in between. Keep reading below to find out why we’re a highly recommended supplier of new and second-hand plastic pallets. We’ll also detail some of the problems our products address.

What You Can Expect from Ozkor Regarding Plastic Shipping Pallets for Sale

At Ozkor, we stand out from the competition because we offer:

  • Durable products that meet your unique requirements: Our plastic pallets are waterproof, hygienic and almost impervious to erosion, meaning they’ll likely last much longer than wooden alternatives. We also have solutions to match your weight capacity, exporting, size and colour requirements.
  • Outstanding customer service: If you’re unsure of which pallets you need, whether it’s because you’re unfamiliar with another nation’s importing regulations or require advice regarding your goods, we’ll happily lend a helping hand. Our advisors are friendly and highly experienced, and we deal with companies from a broad range of industries.
  • Fast deliveries: Ensuring your goods arrive at their destination on time is imperative, which is why you need to partner with a pallet supplier that always has the products you require. Our fully stocked warehouse contains all the solutions you need to keep your clients happy and your products in immaculate condition.

Problems Second-Hand Plastic Pallets Addresses

Invest in our heavy-duty plastic pallets for sale, and you won’t need to worry about any of the following issues:

  • Shipping pallets that deteriorate after a few journeys: Wooden pallets used to be more affordable than plastic alternatives, but prices differ little nowadays. Moreover, our solutions are higher value than their wood cousins because they’re less prone to erosion, more straightforward to maintain and highly durable. Unlike wooden pallets, you can clean our plastic alternatives using almost any heavy-duty detergent and jet washer.
  • Sky-high expenses and environmental issues: Because plastic pallets usually survive much longer than wooden alternatives, they can reduce your running costs in the long run. You can use your plastic shipping solutions repeatedly. Additionally, our products are fully recyclable, making them a more environmentally friendly option than wooden pallets. You can feel confident we ensure our second-hand products are in top shape before we make them available for sale.
  • Hygiene problems regarding the transportation of food and pharmaceuticals: Because wooden pallets are porous and less waterproof that our plastic alternatives, they can often become a breeding ground for bacteria that can contaminate your goods, often rendering them either useless or unfit for sale. If you want to improve your health and safety standards – especially if your ship pharmaceutical or food products – you should learn more about our hygiene pallet.

About Ozkor

At Ozkor, we’ve been a leading supplier of new and second-hand, heavy-duty plastic pallets for over two decades, in which time we’ve earned an excellent reputation for reliability, quality products and outstanding customer service. Order your pallets today or contact us for more information.