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Display Pallet



  • Easy unit load handling
  • Easy stacking
  • Sturdy structure
  • No nails or splinters to reduce
    OH & S and public liabilities
  • Slip resistant rubber grommets
  • Rigid one shot mould
  • 3 Pallets long way/4 Pallets short way across standard truck width
  • Light weight(8kg)
  • High impact resistance


Product Display Pallets
Type Grilled Top Deck-open
Size 775 x 590 x160 mm(+/-5mm)
Weight 8kg(+/-0.5kg)
Material Polypropylene
Method of Manufacture Injection moulded
Colour Grey
SWL 500kg
Recyclability 100% recycle
Cleanability Able to be hot washed,steam cleaned or chemically sterilised
Application Retail Display pallet
Entry Points 4way forklift and pallet jack for easy handling
Chemical Resistance Very high chemical resistance to acids and alkalis
3/44 Bessemer Street, Blacktown,
NSW 2148 Australia