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  • Easy to Handle
    -Light Weight(7.7kg)
    -No nails or splinters
    -Passes all export regulations – ISPM -15 compliant
  • Economical
    -No heat or fumigation treatment required
    -No bureaucratic issues with export documentation
    -Time saving
    -Acceptable to all import authorities
    -Re-sell value after usage
  • Safety
    -Load retaining edge lip on four sides
    -Two tunnels to allow load strapping from all four sides
    -Four strtch wrapping points
  • Flexibility
    -Customer branding subject to price premium
Plastic pallets: A case for efficient handling

In a departure from the conventional tradition of using wooden pallets, international hand luggage and travel accessories retailer Strandbags Australia Pty Ltd has fitted its $10 million 8,500 sqm Distribution Centre in Sydney Australia with Expal-1140 export plastic pallets in order to store its wide range of products in racking.

Working closely with plastic pallet manufacturer OZKOR Pty Ltd and after many hours of testing the Expal-1140 model, culminating in an 8 month trial period to ensure the product met the required standards, 4,000 units were ordered. Over the amount of pallets used has expanded considerably as the business has grown.

When Strandbags first considered the advantages of using Expal-1140 plastic pallets, they needed to consider how it would impact on its current operational needs. The final determining factors were based on operational time saving efficiencies, a reduction in the need for mechanical handling resources and OH&S issues associated with materials handling accidents.

Group Logistics Manager Steven English explained why he chose to use plastic export pallets: “Our order picking staff could not pick up a timber pallet because they were too heavy and had to wait around too long for a forklift to do the lifting. The Ozkor’s plastic Expal – 1140 pallets weighed only 9.5 kgs which meant they could easily be picked up by our predominantly female pickers”

Made from 100 % re-granulated polypropylene material the Expal-1140 pallet was originally designed for export purposes as an alternative to timber.

According to Alan Morgan ,Ozkor’s marketing manager, concerns about meeting international quarantine regulations that comply with ISPM-15 as well as the need to heat treat or fumigate timber pallets has influenced many exporters to use Ozkor’s low cost plastic ‘Expal-1140’ pallet. Other factors such as hygiene and waste management are also important considerations.

Reportedly the plastic export pallets also have a residual value; overseas customers can reuse it or even resell to other exporters thereby not only retrieving some costs but also saving on waste disposal expenses associated with cheap disposable timber pallets.

For further information contact : Ozkor Pty Ltd
Ph: O2 96728588


Product Expal-1140
Type Grille top and bottom deck.
Size 1140 x 1140 x 120mm(+/-5mm)
Weight 7.7kg
Material PPC(Polypropylene Co-Polymer)
Method of Manufacture Single shot injection moulded
Colour Black
SWL 700 kgs. Evenly distributed beam racking only.Do not use in drive in racking
Recyclability 100% recyclable
Design Adaptable for multiple uses
Cleanability May be hot washed chemically sterilised or steam cleaned.
Application Export(SWL 1,000kgs.) General use(See racking capacity-above)
Entry Points Two way entry forklift and pallet jack
Chemical Resistance high chemical resistance to acids and alkalis
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NSW 2148 Australia