Material Handling Equipment

Discover Solutions with a Large Variety of Material Handling Equipment

Ozkor produces many kinds of high-quality, durable material handling equipment. Our designs are highly efficient, flexible both for storage and shipping, and cost-effective for your business. We favour materials that benefit businesses in numerous ways, while also reducing waste. Read below to learn some ways we can help you with your logistical needs.

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There are several product lines that serve as reliable material handling equipment in Sydney, such as:

  • Plastic Pallets – These are mainstays for logistical needs of any kind. Pallets serve for display, storage and transportation of many products. They are particularly well-suited to storing items that are individually boxed, or are a regular size and stackable. Often, plastic wrap is used to keep the product on the pallets during shipment.
  • Roll Cages – Moveable cages are another option for display and logistics, though they are less flexible than pallets for storage. Their convenient rolling castors enable you to move them from place to place within your facility, meaning they are an excellent option to bring loose components between production areas.
  • Bulk Bins – Combining the stackability of pallets with the protective volume of roll cages, bulk bins let you store loose materials in quantity. They can be flat packed when not in use, permitting you to reduce their volume as needed.

The Importance of Material Handling Equipment in Perth

We’ve taken a modern approach to logistical solutions. While timber has historically been the go-to option for shipping and storage, many companies have made the switch to plastic pallets and storage containers. This change has had several benefits:

  • Plastic is substantially easier to clean than timber is. Especially when it comes to chemical or food handling concerns, a single spill can remove dozens of pallets from circulation for fear of contamination. Plastic, however, can be cleaned properly and returned to service, even after many spills.
  • Timber is not as sturdy as plastic, especially when it comes to chipping. While plastic pallets can snap in extreme circumstances, they will withstand storage and transit pressure more easily. Don’t let a minor bump during transit disable your pallet by breaking or deforming wood slats.
  • Plastic pallets are much lighter, so you can save on logistical expenses. Whether that’s loading in an additional pallet on the truck or reducing air freight costs significantly, your business benefits when you use lightweight logistical solutions. Further, plastic storage units can easily be condensed to free up space both in delivery trucks and warehouses, which is not true of wooden units.

Why You Should Use from Ozkor

We have over 20 years of experience serving companies throughout Australia. Due to the complexities of shipping, both domestically and internationally, our clients have consistently turned to us for creative logistical solutions. Our product lines of material handling equipment in Adelaide are well-suited to the task, and we’re eager to help you find the solution to your logistical concern. Contact us to discuss your needs or to place an order today.