Plastic Pallets Australia

We Build and Sell Plastic Pallets in Australia to Protect Your Products

It is essential that business choose plastic pallets in Australia to protect their products during shipping. Plastic pallets help to preserve your product and are an environmentally sound choice.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Plastic Export Pallets in Australia

When choosing export pallets, consider both material and design to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Save money now – A company may select timber pallets to save on their initial investment without considering future costs. Timber is not as durable or reusable as plastic. It breaks down frequently and cannot be cleaned. Plastic pallets are more durable, can be cleaned easily, and reused for years. Wood is susceptible to pests and rot and requires treatment before use in international shipping. You can avoid this costly process by using plastic, as it won’t rot or suffer pest damage.
  • Using poorly designed pallets – A pallet is critical when moving products with forklifts and other machinery and allows relocation of goods without causing damage. When choosing a pre-made pallet, avoid designs that do not provide appropriate protection. If your product is heavy, then it is critical that the pallet can manage the load to prevent collapsing and merchandise damage.
  • Using open pallets for products that may spill – Open pallets allow spilt liquids or other materials to spread, potentially damaging the area or other products. Uncontained spills create slip hazards for people working in the area. It is imperative that you consider spillage when choosing pallets. Designing a pallet that contains spills not only prevents spreading and damage but makes clean-up simple.

Buy plastic pallets in Australia to ensure you are using a product that is durable and well-designed. The right design is essential to save costs, prevent product damage, and avoid hazards.

Benefits of Plastic Pallets for Sale in Australia

Purchasing heavy duty plastic pallets in Australia has many benefits that will save costs and the environment.

  • Better investment – Plastic pallets are a better long-term investment. Timber pallets have lower up-front costs but are less durable and become contaminated quickly, resulting in frequent replacement and disposal expenses. Plastic pallets are durable, can be reused for years, and do not become contaminated as rapidly as wood. Plastic is also not susceptible to damage by pests or rot, which makes them ideal for use in exporting goods internationally.
  • Reusable – You can use heavy-duty plastic pallets in Australia for years without it breaking down. Not only are plastic pallets durable, but they are easy to clean and maintain. This means you can use the same pallet for a variety of products without cross-contamination. When no longer needed, you can recoup a portion of your investment by reselling pallets.
  • Environment – Plastic pallets benefit the environment by reducing deforestation and containing spillage. The production of plastic pallets does not involve the use of any trees, unlike timber pallets. Due to the porous nature of wood, timber pallets are generally single use and may end up in a landfill. Plastic pallets do not absorb spills and can be designed to contain them. This means spills do not leak into the soil or nearby water supplies, and the pallets can be cleaned and reused.

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Ozkor Pty Ltd is a prominent Australian company in the materials handling field, with over 22 years’ experience and ISO 9001 certification. We design, build and sell an extensive range of materials handling products from pallets to collapsible bulk bins and steel roll cages.

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