Plastic Pallets Melbourne

Find High-Quality Plastic Pallets in Melbourne for Export and Shipping

Modern shipping requirements are best fulfilled with plastic pallets in Melbourne. If your business ships large quantities of product, you need a reliable way to move it safely. Especially for air transit, there are several significant ways in which plastic pallets are the superior option.

What Sets Ozkor Apart Regarding Plastic Pallets for Sale in Melbourne

Ozkor has more than two decades’ experience working with shipping materials, including high-quality plastic pallets. Some qualities that set us apart from others include:

  • Quality Materials – We insist on the highest quality materials available. Our manufacturers must meet stringent standards of quality before we sell their plastic pallets. Our design team works diligently to produce innovative designs that hold up to the intense demands of modern shipping.
  • Variety – You can browse our extensive selection of pallets made for multiple purposes. Depending on your warehouse or shipping situation, you can select from four-way entry, two-way entry, stackable, nesting or bunded. Whether you need maximum flexibility for storage, or require a pallet that will prevent a mess, Ozkor’s plastic pallets for sale are suited to the task.
  • Durability – In most cases, timber pallets will see a single use before they suffer damage. While some are immediately reusable, most will need to be replaced or repaired. Plastic export pallets, on the other hand, will survive transit and impact so that they may be reused. This durability is especially useful for businesses that use them for storage or have multiple warehouses that must ship materials back and forth.

The design, construction and variety of options all point to plastic export pallets being the right choice for your business.

Related Services We Provide to Plastic Export Pallets in Melbourne

Ozkor provides many storage and shipping solutions for sale, including:

  • Steel stillages for warehouse storage. We offer variations that are condensable for storage, stackable and have a door for multi-level access, and adapted to work with our pallets.
  • Roll cages to move goods safely and efficiently from one section of a warehouse to another, or from storage to a processing facility or transport vehicle. Their lightweight design is durable, yet easy to handle. Because they are made to order, we can provide you with several features such as folding and stacking, easy to access doors, and quality castors for quiet movement.
  • Bulk bins combine with pallets to give you a durable shipping option for loose or unboxed goods. Their plastic construction makes them easy to clean, without sacrificing ventilation for products that need air exposure.

What You Stand to Gain by Using Ozkor

When you use Ozkor, you’re gaining the advantage of decades of experience and innovation. We believe that we best serve our clients by providing simple, reliable solutions to core logistics issues. If your business needs to improve storage or transportation options, we have solutions that will suit your needs. Contact us to learn more about our options and to find durable, high-quality plastic export pallets for sale.