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The T3P-775 -4 way entry pallet- is the culmination of many years of development and Ozkor’s team experience in the design of injection moulded plastic pallets.
This newly launched 2/3rds sized pallets is designed to withstand extreme variations In temperature and operational conditions.By using a specialized plastic copolymer formulation the T3P-775 can be used in environments with temperatures as low as -30 °C or as high as 50°C .Its Impact resistance is second to none as a result of patented inserts being able to absorb impacts In areas vulnerable to forklift damage.When looking to invest in a pallet that will give long term operational service, the whole of life service value experienced in using the T3P-775 will exceed your anticipated expectations.Call Ozkor to get a better insight into the T3P-775 pallet’s capabilities


Product T3P-775
Type Heavy duty 4 Way entry
Size 1,165 x 775 x 150mm
Weight 19.70 kg
Material Polypropylene Co-Polymer
Operating Temps. -30°C to +50°C
Colour Grey
SWL Dynamic:1,000kg
Static Load: 1,000kg
Beam Racking: 1,000kg
Drive-in-Racking: 900kg
Cold Storage (-20℃) Impact test


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